Rural Areas Development Council- Al-Irshad

Al-Irshad Kafalat Programme

As of 2020, Pakistan’s Human Development Index (HDI) is 0.557, and ranks 154 out of 189 countries. Pakistan’s HDI is one of the lowest in Asia, after Yemen and Afghanistan. For the fiscal year 202021, the World Bank recorded poverty in Pakistan at 39.3% by using the lower middle-income poverty rate of US$3.2 per day, and 78.4% the upper middle-income poverty rate of US$5.5 per day.
The purpose of Al-Irshad Kafalat Programme is to provide financial support to the impoverished families so that they can meet their daily needs. We give priority to the orphans, disable and sick people. The founder of the Council, Dr Waheed Mughal and his family has committed 2.5 million rupees every year for Al-Irshad Kafalat Programme.