Rural Areas Development Council- Al-Irshad

Al-Irshad Ambulance Service

The current population of Pakistan is more than 225 million. Pakistan ranks number 5th in the world by population in the list of 235 countries/territories. The country health care system is adversely affected by the non-availability of doctors and adequate medical facilities in its rural and remote areas. Many people go dead on their way to hospitals in nearby cities due to absence of ambulance services.

Rural Areas Development Council-Al-Irshad is going to start ambulance service for the rural community of Union Council Pinanwal and its neighbouring areas. The charges for using our ambulance service are:

  • Within subdivision Pind Dadan Khan = Patrol cost + Rs. 500
  • Outside of subdivision Pind Dadan Khan= Patrol cost + Rs. 1000
The service is not for profit. The people of Union Council Pinanwal and its neighbouring areas only. The generated money from this service will be spent on drivers’ salaries, maintenance of the ambulance, and those poor people who are unable to afford the patrol cost.